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The mandated reporter online learning platform.

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We get mandated reporters trained. Discover our learning management system (LMS), compliant courseware, and online training solutions.

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Online Training

Get trained instantly. Take an online mandated reporter training course personalized to your profession. Earn your certificate and get the confidence you need to perform your duties as a mandated reporter of child abuse
and neglect.


Get your organization trained with SCORM compliant Mandated Reporter Training courseware that fits in seamlessly with your existing Learning Management System. Ensure your organization is compliant with state and federal requirements.

Custom LMS

Train, certify, and analyze with a custom Learning Management System built specifically for your mandated reporter training needs. Perfect for government agencies and private organizations who need a flexible, versatile solution.


Mandated reporter training provides the knowledge and skills to help professionals carry out their responsibilities to identify and report suspected cases of child abuse and neglect.

Mandated reporter training offers three solutions to help you or your organization get trained and remain compliant with state and federal requirements: online training courses for individuals, SCORM-compliant courseware, and a custom learning management system (LMS).

Does your organization already have a learning management system for training employees? Then our standalone courseware is a perfect solution. Our SCORM-compliant courseware integrates with existing learning management systems.

Does your organization need a better solution for delivering training and educational materials? Our custom learning management system provides role-based UI/ UX, mandated reporter compliant courseware, course deployment, reporting and analytics, and optional third-party integrations.

Still not sure which solution is best for you? Request a consultation from our team.

Get profession-specific mandated reporter training online at Mandated Reporter Training. Receive a certificate for completing your training course and exam to provide to employers as proof that you’re ready to take on your responsibilities as a mandated reporter.

Featured case study

Find out how the State of California used the Simple LMS Framework to create a cutting-edge Mandated Reporter Training platform to train mandated reporters of child abuse and neglect.

Janice Jones, 4th Grade Teacher, Rockville Elementary

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Does Mandated Reporter Training Expire Every Year?

A mandated reporter is someone who, because of their profession, is required by law to report suspected child abuse or neglect to the appropriate authorities. Almost every state defines mandated reporters based on their profession, which most often than not includes: Social workers Teachers and other school personnel Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers Counselors and all other mental health professionals Child care and daycare providers Medical examiners or coroners Law enforcement officers Each of these is a professional with frequent contact or involvement with children. Other states have broader requirements, adding professions such as commercial film developers, computer techs, substance abuse counselors, probation and parole officers, and people who work for summer camps and similar organizations. Domestic violence workers and animal control and humane officers are also required to report in a few states.  More than half the states make the clergy mandatory reporters, along with faculty and staff at institutions of higher learning institutions. Mandated Reporter Training Every state offers some form of mandatory reporter training, although not every state requires it of their reporters. In some states, certain employers are required to provide mandatory reporting training. Usually, but not always, ...

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How to Train Mandated Reporters in Your Organization

Organizations that employ mandated reporters may be required by state law to provide training. Providing the appropriate training for your organization’s reporters is a crucial part of your compliance training and can help prepare employees to do their duty as reporters. Are you interested in implementing mandated reporter training at your organizations? Discover four steps you can take to do so effectively. Determine Who Needs Mandated Reporter Training The employees you are required to provide mandated reporter training to will vary based on your industry, your state, and the position of the employee in question. The first step to implementing a comprehensive mandated reporter training program is a thorough understanding of local regulations and requirements. Roles you may be required to provide training for include: Human Resources Front-line supervisors who work with minors Volunteers who work with minors Teachers School personnel Because the requirements can vary greatly from state to state, brush up on your knowledge of local regulations. For example, Michigan’s MIHB4377 requires organizations that employ mandated reporters to provide training for all reporters who work for them. Build Training Into the Onboarding Process If you are required to or ...

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7 Professions Required to Take CA Mandated Reporter Training

California state law outlines a list of professionals who are required to report suspected child abuse and neglect. For some of these individuals, the state requires these professionals to take Mandated Reporter training in order to fulfill their duty as reporters. Are you a California Mandated Reporter? It's important to know if you or your employees are required to take Mandated Reporter training -- failure to take the appropriate training or make a report could lead to dire consequences. 7 Professionals Required to Take Mandated Reporter Training in California #1: Human Resources Professionals A law that went into effect in January 2021 that added a new type of Mandated Reporter in California; human resources professionals at organizations with a) more than 5 employees and who b) employ minors. Organizations that employ these individuals are obligated to provide the appropriate Mandated Reporter training. #2: Supervisors The same 2021 CA law that made human resources professionals Mandated Reporters also made requires certain supervisors to report suspected child abuse. These supervisors are individuals whose duties require direct contact with and supervision of team members who are minors. Like human ...

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AB 506 Sets New Mandated Reporter Training Requirements for Volunteers

California's youth service organizations have new mandated reporter training requirements under AB 506, a bill that seeks to better protect children against child abuse and sexual abuse. Find out what AB 506 means for administrators, employees, and volunteers of youth services organizations. AB 506: Mandated Reporter Training Requirements for Youth Service Organizations AB 506 is specifically written to prevent child abuse and sexual abuse in youth service organizations and businesses that provide services to minors. Under AB506, a "business that provides services to minors" means a non-profit or for-profit business that meets the following requirements: Primary purpose is providing extracurricular services or instructions to youth under 18 years of age (does not include daycare or child care providers) Has adult employees with supervisory or disciplinary power over a child/ children Under AB506, administrators, employees, and regular volunteers of youth service organizations are required to complete child abuse and neglect reporting training, also known as mandated reporter training. Mandated Reporter Training Requirements for Volunteers Mandated reporter training is a familiar requirement for many professionals who regularly come into contact with youth. California has legislation requiring childcare and daycare professionals, ...

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