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How Organizations Can Respond to CA's New Mandated Reporter Law

On January 1, 2021, new California legislation will go into effect that makes human resources employees and some supervisors mandated reporters of child abuse. AB 1963 applies to companies that have more than 5 employees who employ minors. If one of your employees is a mandated reporter under this bill, your organization is required to provide them with training in their new duty. Previously, mandated reporters were primarily professionals working closely with young children -- teachers, daycare workers, nurses, etc. Now, however, organizations across nearly every industry will need to become familiar with the ins and outs of mandated reporting. This groundbreaking new law will help protect teens in the workplace in the state of California, but it may cause some headaches for businesses looking to navigate the situation. Because employers are required to provide training under AB 1963, it's important to find a quick, effective solution. What Your Organization Needs to Know About Complying With California's AB 1963 The Law Requires You to Provide Training Assembly Bill 1963 requires employers of the impacted human resources employees and supervisors to provide training on the ...
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Image of young girl crying. Find out why mandated reporting training is so critical.

Why is Mandated Reporter Training Important?

Child abuse is a critical issue in the United States, where nearly five children die every day due to abuse and neglect. Every 10 seconds, a new report of abuse is made. Most reports of suspected child abuse or neglect come from the professionals who come into close or consistent contact with children, such as educators, medical, and law enforcement professionals. Understanding the signs of child abuse and knowing how to make a report are crucial for stopping child abuse in the country. Which is why mandated reporting training is so critical. Here are four reasons to invest in mandated reporter training improvements in your state: Reporting Saves Lives An estimated 1,700 children die as a result of child abuse each year. The majority of these fatalities occur in children under the age of 2. And studies indicate that child mistreatment fatalities are underreported by at least 50 percent. Parents -- acting alone or with another parent or individual -- are responsible for 80.1 percent of child abuse or neglect fatalities. According to, researchers have noted the need for better training for child welfare ...
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Image of young woman at home looking at a laptop. Discover how the Mandated Reporter Training LMS provides a simple and effective way of deploying training for mandated reporters.

How an LMS Makes Mandated Reporter Training Simple and Easy

A Learning Management System (LMS) provides a simple and effective way of deploying training for mandated reporters. The Mandated Reporter LMS has been designed specifically to ensure that individuals, organizations, and States are compliant with regulations pertaining to child abuse identification and reporting. Here are the ways the Mandated Reporter LMS is making mandated reporter training easier and more effective than ever. Audience-Based Training People who come into close or consistent contact with children as part of their occupations, such as educators, medical professionals, law enforcement professionals, and mental health and social workers, submit the largest percentage of reports of suspected abuse. These mandated reporters may have different training courses based on their professions. Audience-based training allows for specific training courses to be presented based on a learner's profession, ensuring they get the most up-to-date information needed to identify and report suspected cases in the context of their profession. Role-Based Functionality An LMS can create a dynamic user experience based on the role of the user. Each role carries unique permissions that unlock different functionality across the platform. Role: Learners Learners are mandated reporters who need to ...
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