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A group of employees at their computers, taking mandated reporter training.
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How to Train Mandated Reporters in Your Organization

Organizations that employ mandated reporters may be required by state law to provide training. Providing the appropriate training for your organization’s reporters is a crucial part of your compliance training and can help prepare employees to do their duty as reporters. Are you interested in implementing mandated reporter training at your organizations? Discover four steps you can take to do so effectively. Determine Who Needs Mandated Reporter Training The employees you are required to provide mandated reporter training to will vary based on your industry, your state, and the position of the employee in question. The first step to implementing a comprehensive mandated reporter training program is a thorough understanding of local regulations and requirements. Roles you may be required to provide training for include: Human Resources Front-line supervisors who work with minors Volunteers who work with minors Teachers School personnel Because the requirements can vary greatly from state to state, brush up on your knowledge of local regulations. For example, Michigan’s MIHB4377 requires organizations that employ mandated reporters to provide training for all reporters who work for them. Build Training Into the Onboarding Process If you are required to or ...
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A woman raising her hand in a new hire training seminar. Develop your new hire training plan.
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Your Complete Guide to Easy New Hire Training

The Great Resignation means that workers are leaving their old positions in droves, leaving organizations across the U.S. with a desperate need to hire and fill empty seats. However, training a new employee can be costly in terms of both time and resources. Developing a solid new hire training plan makes sure this process goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible. The 5 Things Your New Hire Training Plan Needs to Include #1: Onboarding This first stage in the new hire training process introduces your new employees to your organization and ensures that the essential onboarding information is taken care of. At this stage, your plan should include: An introduction to the company, including your mission, vision, and values. All essential onboarding paperwork, like confidentiality agreements, benefit enrollment forms, direct deposit forms, etc. Information on how to set up corporate accounts, like a company email, payroll login, etc. Review of the employee handbook, policies, and expectations. #2: Compliance Training Compliance training needs to be part of your initial new hire training process. It may also need to be repeated through an employee's tenure with the company. This can help ...
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A teacher and students in a high school classroom, all wearing masks. Learn more about mandated reporter training requirements in California.
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How to Meet California's Mandated Reporter Training Requirements

Are you required to provide your employees with mandated reporter training? In the State of California, you might be. California's Child Abuse Neglect and Reporting Act designates certain individuals as mandated reporters and institutes training requirements to ensure these individuals are able to perform their duties and keep children safe. Learn how you can meet these training requirements. Which Organizations Need Mandated Reporter Training Solutions Companies That Employ Minors As of January 2021, certain human resources employees and supervisors in the State of California are required to report suspected child abuse. This change impacts human resources employees at companies who employ minors, as well as supervisors whose duties require direct contact with and supervision of minors in the workplace. If this applies to your business, then the State of California requires you to provide applicable employees with training in their duties as reporters. Schools Schools are required to provide mandated reporter training to their employees on a regular basis. This includes: School districts County offices of education State special schools and diagnostic centers operated by the State Department of Education Charter schools The above institutions must provide annual mandated reporter training ...
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An older professional woman taking training on her computer. Learn more about mandated reporter training for human resources.
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5 Reasons Why Mandated Reporter Training is Crucial for HR Staff

Your human resources team plays a vital role in your organization. Among other things, they field complaints of misconduct, keeping your employees safe and ensuring your business complies with state and federal employment laws. Because of their essential role, it's crucial that you ensure these professionals have all the tools and knowledge they need to effectively fulfill their duty. If an HR employee mishandles a complaint of harassment or abuse, the consequences can be devastating. Learn how investing in mandated reporter training for human resources can help keep your organization safe. 5 Reasons Why You Need Provide Mandated Reporter Training for Your Human Resources Team #1: It May Be Required by Law In the state of California, mandated reporter training for HR isn't just a wise investment, it's required by law. California Assembly Bill 1963 went into effect on January 1st, 2021, making select human resources employees and front-line supervisors mandated reporters of child abuse and neglect. This same bill also requires that employers provide mandated reporter training to appropriate staff members. Your employer-provided mandated reporter training should include information on how to identify and ...
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A teenager working in a coffee shop. Learn more about hiring young workers.

6 Things to Know About Hiring Young Workers

Does your company hire teenagers? Many companies offer jobs to younger workers, particularly in retail and food service. There are many benefits to hiring younger workers, not the least of which is the opportunity to offer someone their first job and help them start their career. However, there are also special considerations management should keep in mind when hiring teenagers. Learn how to manage your youngest employees effectively. 6 Things Managers Hiring Teenagers Need to Keep in Mind #1: Obtain any needed permits. Many states, such as Washington and California, require businesses that hire minors under age 18 to have a permit to work. The requirements for this form may vary depending on your state, so verify that you're up-to-speed on child labor laws. In California, this permit is often issued by the minor's school. The minor must request a form to be completed by themselves, their employer, and their parents before being returned to the school. Verify that you understand how this process works in your state. #2: Be aware of applicable regulations. Certain regulations apply to employers who hire teenagers. If the employee is under ...
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Are Employers Required to Provide Training for Mandated Reporters?

If you employ mandated reporters, your state may require you by law to train them for the responsibility of reporting suspected child abuse and neglect. Federal Law Requires Mandated Reporting of Child Abuse and Neglect In 1974, Congress passed the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA) to create a federal focus for preventing and responding to child abuse. CAPTA requires each State to have provisions or procedures for requiring certain individuals, known as mandated reporters, to report known or suspected instances of child abuse and neglect. State Laws for Mandated Reporting Vary Because CAPTA allows each state to come up with its own provisions and procedures for mandated reporting, legal requirements vary. In 47 states, for example, mandated reporters are designated by their profession. This often includes teachers, school personnel, doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, childcare providers, law enforcement, and more. In Indiana, New Jersey, and Wyoming, all persons are required to report, regardless of profession. Are Employers Required to Provide Mandated Reporter Training? Employer requirements to provide mandated reporter training also vary by state. Some states, such as California, Illinois, and Michigan, have passed legislation requiring ...
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