How to Train Mandated Reporters in Your Organization
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A group of employees at their computers, taking mandated reporter training.

How to Train Mandated Reporters in Your Organization

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by Mandated Reporter Training | May 6, 2022

Organizations that employ mandated reporters may be required by state law to provide training. Providing the appropriate training for your organization’s reporters is a crucial part of your compliance training and can help prepare employees to do their duty as reporters.

Are you interested in implementing mandated reporter training at your organizations? Discover four steps you can take to do so effectively.

Determine Who Needs Mandated Reporter Training

The employees you are required to provide mandated reporter training to will vary based on your industry, your state, and the position of the employee in question. The first step to implementing a comprehensive mandated reporter training program is a thorough understanding of local regulations and requirements.

Roles you may be required to provide training for include:

  • Human Resources
  • Front-line supervisors who work with minors
  • Volunteers who work with minors
  • Teachers
  • School personnel

Because the requirements can vary greatly from state to state, brush up on your knowledge of local regulations. For example, Michigan’s MIHB4377 requires organizations that employ mandated reporters to provide training for all reporters who work for them.

Build Training Into the Onboarding Process

If you are required to or interested in providing mandated reporter training for your team members, build it into your onboarding processes for new employees to ensure it doesn’t get missed.

This can take place alongside other compliance training required depending on your state and industry, such as

  • Harassment Training
  • Workplace Safety
  • Diversity Training
  • Information Security Training

Plan for Regular Certification Renewal

As you build mandated reporter training into your processes, make sure you know if your team member’s mandated reporter training certificates need to be renewed. For example, in California daycare workers are required to renew their mandated reporter training every two years. In Illinois, medical personnel who work with children must complete mandated reporter training every six years.

If your team members need to renew their certificates at regular intervals, build those future trainings into your process as well to ensure compliance.

Select the Training Option that Fits Your Organization

Regardless of the state you’re in, you have options on how to implement your mandated reporter training. When providing training to your mandated reporters, you have multiple options:

  • Take the free training provided by your state. Use this resource to determine how your team members can take mandated reporter training in your state.
  • Take training online through This is perfect for organizations that don’t have their own LMS yet or for smaller teams.
  • Get SCORM-compliant courseware for your existing LMS. This can be an ideal way to make sure your mandated reporter training integrates smoothly with your existing LMS and courses.

If you’re seeking a mandated reporter training solution for your organization, reach out to the team at We can help you find a solution that fits your unique needs while keeping you compliant with your state’s regulations. Get in touch.

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