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Mandated Reporter Training gets mandated reporters trained, plain and simple. Find training solutions for individuals and organizations. From standalone courses to a sophisticated platform that deploys courseware to hundreds of thousands of users, Mandated Reporter Training has the solution for you.
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Mandated reporters are the individuals required by law to identify and report suspected cases of abuse and neglect. These individuals are often designated by profession, such as medical providers, teachers, and law enforcement, to name a few. Mandated reporters may be required to report child abuse, elder abuse, domestic violence, or all of the above, depending on their profession and the state in which they reside.

For the individuals designated as mandated reporters, keeping track of state laws and training requirements can be confusing. Mandated Reporter Training offers individual courses and a state-by-state database to help persons required to report stay up-to-date on requirements and training. For organizations that need to deploy training on a larger scale, Mandated Reporter Training offers scalable solutions that make training easier for users and administrators alike.

We’re proud to be trusted by public and private entities who need a hardworking learning platform to deploy training. Our software is powered by SIMPLE, our courseware is provided by state departments, and our vision for a user-friendly solution is propelled by our desire to make training accessible and easy for all.

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