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Mandated Reporter Training of Child Abuse & Neglect for Child Care Providers

California | English only

Mandated Reporter Training for Child Care Providers provides a profession-specific overview of mandated child abuse and neglect reporting as it pertains to administrators and employees of licensed childcare and daycare facilities. This course will provide an overview of the definitions, requirements, and protections associated with being a mandated reporter. It satisfies the requirement of CA AB 1207.

What You Will Learn

This training consists of seven lessons, each of which will conclude with questions to test your knowledge of the material. You will learn profession-specific information, considerations, and scenarios unique to child care providers, as well as:

  • The role of child care providers in preventing abuse and neglect
  • Different types of child abuse and neglect and how to recognize them
  • Laws and protections for children with disabilities
  • How to report suspected or known child abuse
  • The timeline of events that follow a report
A screen grab from the MRT Elder Abuse coursware showing the slide for Case Study 1.

How it Works

Mandated Reporter Training consists of specialized training followed by an exam to test your knowledge and earn your certificate.

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General Training

General Training provides an overview of the definitions, requirements, and protections associated with being a mandated reporter. It is a prerequisite for any profession-specific training.

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The Profession-Specific Training offers additional insight into the duties and responsibilities of a mandated reporter, tailored for your occupation.

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At the conclusion of the training, you will take a final exam which will test the information that you have learned during the training.

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After completing all the courses, you will be issued a certificate, which will serve as proof of your completion of the training.

Convenient, Instant Certificate of Completion

Upon completion of this training, learners will gain instant access to a personalized certificate of completion. This certificate is easily migrated between jobs and employers and makes it convenient to provide proof that all training requirements have been fulfilled.

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Additional resources available in the course are also always accessible on this website under the Resources tab.

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