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Mandated Reporter Training provides an overview of the definitions, requirements and protections of the Child Abuse & Neglect Reporting Act.

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Requirements of California Assembly Bill 506

Effective January 1, 2022, volunteers must comply with California law AB506. This includes completing the California Mandated Reporter Training for child abuse and neglect identification and reporting.

Mandated Reporter Training will teach you:

The role of volunteers in preventing child abuse and neglect.
Types of child abuse and neglect and how to recognize them.
How to identify the types of abuse children with disabilities may encounter and applicable laws.
How to report suspected or known child abuse.

What if I've Already Trained?

If you have already completed Mandated Reporter Training as a requirement of your profession, you do not need to retrain! You can share your valid Mandated Reporter certificate for any Mandated Reporter Training completed on this platform (except the Supervisors course).


Easily share certificates with local councils.

By registering with your council, your Mandated Reporter Training certificates will be shared directly with your council leadership. Even if you already have an account and have trained already, associating with your council will easily share your certificates.