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CA Requires Mandated Reporter Training and Abuse Prevention Policies


CA Requires Mandated Reporter Training and Abuse Prevention Policies

Child Abuse Prevention for Museums, Science Centers, and Other Youth Programs

If you offer youth programs like summer camps or docent-led field trips, your organization needs a mandated reporter training solution. California’s mandated reporting laws affect your entire organization, from your volunteers to employees and even board members. If you offer youth programs in California, mandated reporting laws could even impact your business insurance coverage.

It's vital that your business has a mandated reporter training solution. Get started by creating a free organization account.


Requires Mandated Reporter Training for administrators, employees, and volunteers of youth-serving organizations.


Requires Mandated Reporter Training for HR employees and supervisors of organizations that hire teens.

Vetted & Trusted

Trusted Training for Your Team

The Mandated Reporter Training Platform offers convenient training using courseware developed in partnership with the California Department of Social Services and trusted by organizations nationwide.

Easy Onboarding & User Friendly

Get Started, No Technical Experience Required

Start training your team today. Simply invite learners at your organization and add them to groups to take efficient, role-specific training designed for their unique positions. It’s easy to add new volunteers or team members to the platform.

Metrics & Reporting

Easily Track Your Team’s Progress

Use the reporting dashboard to rapidly onboard team members and track your team’s training. This makes it easy to manage your team and ensures you’re always ready to provide proof that your organization is meeting California’s training requirements.

Role-Specific courseware

Save Time With Specialized Training

Mandated Reporter Training’s courses are role-specific, providing education and practice scenarios tailored to your organization's learners. From supervisors to volunteers, your team members will save time with efficient, effective training designed for their roles


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Start Your Training

Find state and profession-specific training courses and get certified at Mandated Reporter Training. Start training now.