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Kids on a field trip sitting in a circle with a volunteer docent. Find out which training is tied to insurance coverage for youth service organizations.

Insurance for Youth Service Organizations Tied to THIS Training

A California law ties commercial liability coverage to an organization’s child abuse prevention policies, including mandated reporter training. If your organization offers services or activities for minors, here’s what you need to know to protect your insurance coverage:
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Volunteer working with children at an event

February 20, 2024

What States Require Volunteers to Report?

Since the adoption of CA AB 506 in January 2022, youth service organizations in California have been required to develop and implement child abuse prevention policies, including requirements for mandated reporting training for admins, employees, and full-time volunteers.
An adult volunteer oversees youth camp out. Find out what CA’s new mandated reporter requirements are for volunteers under AB 506.

February 18, 2024

AB 506 Sets New Mandated Reporter Training Requirements for Volunteers

California’s youth service organizations have new mandated reporter training requirements under AB 506, a bill that seeks to better protect children against physical and sexual abuse. Find out what AB 506 means for youth services organization administrators, employees, and volunteers.
A young Black girl folds her hands in prayer in front of a group of children at a church service. Get A Guide to Mandated Reporter Training for Churches at

February 16, 2024

A Guide to Mandated Reporter Training for Churches

Do you know which employees, administrators, and clergy members in your church have mandated reporter training requirements? Church administrators and leaders in California are likely familiar with their mandatory reporting duties and may employ several different types of mandated reporters.
Volunteer manager teaching recruitment class of incoming volunteers.

February 14, 2024

How to Train Volunteers

You always want your volunteers to be passionate about your organization’s mission, but you also want to make sure that they’re equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to meet your objectives.
A volunteer nurse works with a child at a free clinic.

February 12, 2024

What You Need to Know if Your Employees Are Mandated Reporters

If your organization works with minors or other vulnerable populations, some members of your team may be legally considered mandated reporters of abuse or neglect. When you think “mandated reporter,” nurses and teachers may be the first people who come to mind, but depending on your state and organization, this can also include a broader spectrum of individuals, even managers or volunteers.
A female Sunday School teacher surrounded by children sits with a Bible on her lap. Find out how mandated reporting laws impact churches.

February 10, 2024

How Mandated Reporting Laws Impact Churches

Mandated reporting laws impact churches and religious organizations in many states across the U.S. Discover how these laws affect your religious organization and the employees, volunteers, and clergy members within.
A group of nurses and nursing students in a meeting.

February 8, 2024

Are Nursing Students Mandated Reporters?

What drove you to enroll in that first course in your nursing program? Like many, you may have been fueled by a desire to help your community and future patients. Many states expand that duty and commitment to safety and health by requiring nurses, like other medical professionals, to report suspected abuse and neglect.
Man holding coffee looking at the computer screen with Mandated Reporter Training pulled up

December 12, 2023

How Massachusetts Revamped Their Mandated Reporter Training Platform

Massachusetts and their Office of the Child Advocate (OCA) turned to for a cloud-based, Software as a Service (SaaS) Learning Management System (LMS) solution along with the content necessary to deliver Mandated Reporter Training to state-mandated reporters of abuse.
An older professional woman taking training on her computer. Learn more about mandated reporter training for human resources.

December 12, 2023

5 Reasons Why Mandated Reporter Training is Crucial for HR Staff

Your human resources team plays a vital role in your organization. Among other things, they field complaints of misconduct, keep your employees safe, and ensure your business complies with state and federal employment laws.
An employee using the simple organization dashboard at

November 27, 2023

How to Use to Power Your Training is a simple, effective solution for your training program. This turn-key platform is ready for you to add your team members and start your mandated reporter training program. Discover the features and benefits that make this platform a natural fit for organizations.
Group of older adults sitting together. Find out how dementia can impact the risk of elder abuse.

October 27, 2023

Does Dementia Increase the Risk of Elder Abuse?

Dementia affects 5 million people worldwide. The population most affected by dementia is the elderly — only 9% of people with dementia are younger than 65. While dementia brings a myriad of well-known cognitive and physical problems to those affected, there is a lesser-known side-effect of dementia diseases that is just as harmful.
Nurse comforts a scared child. Discover the #1 reason why healthcare workers don’t report child abuse.

October 26, 2023

The #1 Reason Healthcare Workers Don’t Report Child Abuse

Healthcare professionals have direct access to children who are victims of abuse and are in a unique position to identify the physical signs of intentional abuse and neglect. Healthcare professionals understand their role as mandated reporters.
A group of nursing students in a continuing education class.

October 20, 2023

How Often Do California Nurses Have to Take Continuing Education?

As a nurse, your patient’s care and safety are your first priority. The State of California has continuing education requirements to help you ensure you’re treating your patients with the most up-to-date knowledge and practices.
A group of seniors in a long-term care facility.

October 13, 2023

2023 Update: What You Need to Know About the Elder Justice Act

Elder abuse is a grave and often underreported occurrence that affects 1 in 10 U.S. seniors. This type of abuse can include sexual abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse, psychological abuse, financial exploitation, and self-neglect.
A nurse taking continuing education courses on her computer.

October 6, 2023

CA Nurses: Get Your CE Hours With Mandated Reporter Training

If you’re a nurse in California, taking Mandated Reporter Training can now count towards your Continuing Education (CE) requirement from the Board of Registered Nursing. Nurses in the state of California have an essential duty to protect their patients as mandated reporters of abuse.
A female nurse smiling as she assesses a young child. Find out what nurses are responsible for reporting.

October 3, 2023

What Are Nurses Responsible for Reporting?

A nursing career comes with many responsibilities. Nurses are the foundation of our healthcare system: caring for patients, supporting healthcare teams, administering medications, and providing expert care for patients from birth to the end of life.
Older woman staring out window with a concerned look

September 19, 2023

The Warning Signs of Elder Abuse

About 1 in 10 people over the age of 60 experience some form of elder abuse, and spotting signs of it can be difficult to do. Common signs can include physical injuries, negative behavioral changes, or unexplained transactions.
A nurse stands on the street looking at her phone. She is holding a set of headphones and juice.

September 14, 2023

Are Nurses Mandated Reporters of Child Abuse Outside of Work?

As a nurse, you don your scrubs each day, knowing you have a duty to protect your patients. In many states, that responsibility extends to a legal calling to protect your patients from abuse or neglect.
A senior man wearing a denim shirt looks out the window on a cloudy day.

September 7, 2023

6 Reasons Why Elder Abuse Goes Unreported

1 in 10 seniors in the United States will experience elder abuse. This all-too-common tragedy impacts aging adults over age 60 at home and in retirement communities throughout the country. Despite its prevalence, only an estimated 1 in 24 cases will be reported to the authorities.
Person training group of people.

August 9, 2023

Mandated Reporting vs Permissive Reporting

Permissive and mandatory reporting are two of the most crucial safety nets when it comes to the safety and protection of vulnerable parties, particularly children. These reporting systems, often associated with cases of abuse or neglect, play a crucial role in ensuring the welfare of these individuals.
A female Black medical professional is smiling and treating a young patient. Find out what the mandatory reporting training requirements are for nurses.

July 31, 2023

What Are Mandatory Reporting Training Requirements For Nurses?

Healthcare providers are one of the few professionals that regularly come into contact with the vulnerable populations most at risk for abuse. There are an estimated 21 million victims of human trafficking worldwide, and it’s estimated that 30-88% of U.
Person holding their resume in a job interview.

Should I Add Mandated Reporter Training to My Resume?

Based on your profession and state, you may be required to complete mandated reporter training. Every year the list of professions evolves and changes, so it’s essential to stay up to date with the laws in your state.
A professional woman sits at a computer, looking pensive.

How Implicit Bias Influences Mandated Reporters

When first stepping into your role as a mandated reporter, it’s easy to assume that most people could easily define and spot child abuse or neglect. However, bias can impact your initial judgment of a situation and influence what you report or overlook.
A behavioral analyst counseling a young boy. Virginia HB751 adds counselors to the list of mandated reporters.

February 9, 2023

Virginia Bill Expands List of Mandated Reporters

A Virginia bill expanding the persons required to report suspected child abuse and neglect was enacted in 2023. Find out who’s required to report in Virginia, how to make a report, and the penalties for failing to report.
A child exercising with a physical therapist in a colorful room.

Illinois SB 3833 Expands the State's List of Mandated Reporters

Illinois has expanded its list of which professions are considered mandated reporters of child abuse in the state. The law, SB 3833, was signed into law in May 2022 and went into effect on January 1, 2023.
Image of a woman sitting at a desk taking a Mandated Reporter Training course on her laptop.

Nevada Deploys Mandated Reporter Training to Stop Child Abuse

Nevada Department of Health and Human Services Division of Child and Family Services is helping mandated reporters understand how to spot and report suspected abuse and neglect with a new online Mandated Reporter Training system.
Woman in hospital bed feeling anxious and worried.

October 13, 2022

Which States Have Mandatory Domestic Violence Reporting?

Domestic violence is more common than you’d think. Domestic violence, or intimate partner violence, affects approximately 41% of women and 25% of men in their lifetime, according to the CDC.
A woman taking a course online. Learn more about how states are implementing training programs using

October 13, 2022

How Savvy States Are Deploying Mandated Reporter Training

Every U.S. state has mandated reporter requirements in place. The Federal Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA) requires each state to have procedures in place for certain individuals to report suspected child abuse and neglect.
A mother speaks harshly to her daughter.

Understanding the Difference Between Discipline vs Abuse

Mandated reporters, supporters, and child safety advocates often have to determine what constitutes suspected abuse of a child, and what doesn’t. Supporters have a legal and ethical duty to protect children from abuse and neglect and are willing to do whatever they need to keep children safe.
A daycare provider smiles and gives one of her students a high five.

July 5, 2022

How Long is Mandated Reporter Training Good For in CA?

Do you need to renew your mandated reporter training? In California, certain occupations are legally required to report suspected cases of child abuse and maltreatment. California legislation requires mandated reporter training for businesses that hire teens, teachers and school personnel, and daycare providers and workers.
A daycare employee reading a book to a group of children.

February 22, 2022

7 Professions Required to Take CA Mandated Reporter Training

California state law outlines a list of professionals who are required to report suspected child abuse and neglect. For some of these individuals, the state requires these professionals to take Mandated Reporter training in order to fulfill their duty as reporters.
A woman raising her hand in a new hire training seminar.

October 21, 2021

Your Complete Guide to Easy New Hire Training

The Great Resignation means that workers are leaving their old positions in droves, leaving organizations across the U.S. with a desperate need to hire and fill empty seats. However, training a new employee can be costly in terms of both time and resources.
The side profile of a person with curly hair looking at a computer screen. Screen shows the Mandated Reporter Training course.

October 4, 2021

Are Employers Required to Provide Training for Mandated Reporters?

If you employ mandated reporters, your state may require you by law to train them for the responsibility of reporting suspected child abuse and neglect. Federal Law Requires Mandated Reporting of Child Abuse and Neglect In 1974, Congress passed the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA) to create a federal focus for preventing and responding to child abuse.
Image of smiling medical professional volunteering their time and giving happy little girl a high-five.

September 8, 2021

What Can CAPTA Grants Be Used For?

The Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA) was first enacted 40 years ago to improve child protective systems. Since its inception, CAPTA has been amended several times, most recently by the Victims of Child Abuse Act Reauthorization Act of 2018.
A teacher and students in a high school classroom, all wearing masks.

August 23, 2021

How to Meet California's Mandated Reporter Training Requirements

Are you required to provide your employees with mandated reporter training? In the State of California, you might be. California’s Child Abuse Neglect and Reporting Act designates certain individuals as mandated reporters and institutes training requirements to ensure these individuals are able to perform their duties and keep children safe.
A woman wearing headphones watching a training on her computer.

August 9, 2021

How Organizations Can Respond to CA's New Mandated Reporter Law

On January 1, 2021, new California legislation will go into effect that makes human resources employees and some supervisors mandated reporters of child abuse. AB 1963 applies to companies that have more than 5 employees who employ minors.
Image of young woman at home looking at a laptop.

July 15, 2021

How an LMS Makes Mandated Reporter Training Simple and Easy

A Learning Management System (LMS) provides a simple and effective way of deploying training for mandated reporters. The LMS included in the Mandated Reporter Training platform has been designed specifically to ensure that individuals, organizations, and States are compliant with regulations pertaining to child abuse identification and reporting.
A teenager working in a coffee shop. Learn more about hiring young workers.

May 12, 2021

6 Things to Know About Hiring Young Workers

Does your company hire teenagers? Many companies offer jobs to younger workers, particularly in retail and food service. There are many benefits to hiring younger workers, not the least of which is the opportunity to offer someone their first job and help them start their career.
Daycare provider draws pictures with kids.

February 11, 2021

What are the Mandated Reporter Training Requirements in CA?

The Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act (CANRA) is a California law requiring employers to identify mandated reporters, persons who are required by law to report suspected child abuse and neglect.
A woman taking notes at her computer while drinking a cup of coffee.

January 12, 2021

What California Businesses Need to Know About AB 1963

As of January 1, 2021 employers throughout the state of California may be required to provide mandated reporter training to certain employees. This is due to Assembly Bill (AB) 1963, which adds HR employees and supervisors at businesses with more than 5 employees that also employ teens to the state’s list of mandated reporters.
A manager in a cafe working on his tablet while teen employees work in the background. Learn more about California’s mandated reporter training requirements.

December 15, 2020

How Changes to California Mandated Reporter Law Impact Employers

As of January 1, 2021, an update to California’s mandated reporting law will impact human resources employees and supervisors at organizations who hire teens throughout the state. Discover what this and other recent legislative changes mean for businesses in the state.
Image of young girl crying.

November 14, 2020

Why is Mandated Reporter Training Important?

Child abuse is a critical issue in the United States, where nearly five children die every day due to abuse and neglect. Every 10 seconds, a new report of abuse is made.