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February 22, 2022

7 Professions Required to Take CA Mandated Reporter Training

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California state law outlines a list of professionals who are required to report suspected child abuse and neglect. For some of these individuals, the state requires these professionals to take Mandated Reporter training in order to fulfill their duty as reporters.

Are you a California Mandated Reporter? It’s important to know if you or your employees are required to take Mandated Reporter training – failure to take the appropriate training or make a report could lead to dire consequences.

7 Professionals Required to Take Mandated Reporter Training in California

#1: Human Resources Professionals

A law that went into effect in January 2021 that added a new type of Mandated Reporter in California; human resources professionals at organizations with a) more than 5 employees and who b) employ minors. Organizations that employ these individuals are obligated to provide the appropriate Mandated Reporter training.

#2: Supervisors

The same 2021 CA law that made human resources professionals Mandated Reporters also made requires certain supervisors to report suspected child abuse. These supervisors are individuals whose duties require direct contact with and supervision of team members who are minors.

Like human resources professionals, these supervisors are also required to take Mandated Reporter training provided by their employers.

#3: Youth Services Employees

California’s AB 506 made employees and administrators at “businesses that provide services to minors” Mandated Reporters. This applies to admins and employees at non-profit or for-profit organizations that provide extracurricular services or instruction to youth that also have adult employees.

Under this law, administrators and other employees of youth service organizations are required to complete Mandated Reporter training.

#4: Regular Volunteers

AB 506 also impacts volunteers at youth services organizations. Regular volunteers at these organizations are now required to take Mandated Reporter training.

This means that if you volunteer for an organization with direct contact with children for more than 16 hours per month or 32 hours per year, you are now required to take Mandated Reporter training.

#5: Teachers

Teachers at school districts, charter schools, and other entities are required to take annual mandated reporter training provided by their employers.

#6: School Administrators

School administrators and other school district employees and employees at similar organizations are also required to take annual Mandated Reporter training provided by their employers.

#7: Daycare Workers

Mandated Reporter training is essential for daycare workers in California. For childcare licensee applicants, taking mandated reporter training is a condition of licensure. After that, childcare or daycare employees are required to take training every two years.

For Mandated Reporters, taking the appropriate training is often an essential part of understanding and fulfilling your crucial duty to protect children. Are you a mandated reporter required to take training? Explore our courses.

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