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March 8, 2024

Essential Software for Managing Churches

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Church administrators praying with bible and laptop computer on a desk during a church admin meeting. Discover software solutions designed to help churches operate more efficiently.

Online software solutions can help organizations of all sizes run more efficiently and effectively, including churches. Essential software solutions for churches can help with tasks ranging from basic office tasks to more complex faith-specific duties. If you’re looking for software solutions to help your church operate more effectively, we’ve rounded up our top picks to help with every aspect of your organization:

Top Training Solutions for Churches

Church employees and volunteers can benefit significantly from a training program either directly tied to their role or the organization itself. Not only does this better prepare your members to take on tasks, but depending on your state, it could be a legal requirement. Some states require all employees to take harassment training, while others require mandated reporter training for certain church employees. 

For example, clergy members are considered mandated reporters in approximately 28 states, and depending on your state, laws may also include administrative assistants and office workers who manage church records, childcare workers, and teachers. Those who are considered mandated reporters are legally required to report suspected instances of abuse and neglect and may be required to take training

Training can also encapsulate skills that fit your specific organization and faith-based mission, such as training courses on how to lead bible study, create children’s bulletins, recruit volunteers, and even promote your church on social media.

Our recommendations for easy online training solutions for churches include:

  • Mandated Reporter Training: online training for the people within your organization who are required by law to report suspected instances of abuse. 
  • Building Church Leaders: customizable leadership resources for every kind of church ministry, including church-specific training tools. 
  • Open Network: offers training videos across a variety of topics, from social media communications to leadership training and general business operations.

Learn More: Read A Guide to Mandated Reporter Training for Churches to learn more about mandated reporter training requirements for your faith-based organization.

Financial Management

Many people tithe and commit other donations to the church, entrusting that the organization’s financial resources will be used appropriately. Some churches and organizations have their own Venmo or Zelle accounts that they use to manage their offerings, but their functions may be limited depending on what system you plan on setting up. 

Other software like Aplos and Pushpay are good options if you plan on setting up more than just an accounting system to manage your funds. In addition to a system to manage donations and other offerings, they can also help you set up profiles to organize households, customize forms, manage events, setup, and more. 

Communication Management

Communication between you and your congregation is essential to foster the relationships you build, provide support, advertise events, and send other important messages. You can always use flyers and word of mouth during services, but sometimes, connecting can be difficult depending on attendance and availability.

Dial My Calls and Text-Em-All are messaging services that make mass communication easy. All you have to do is enter the contact information of your congregation members and organize the type of messaging you want to send, and you’re good to go. In addition to streamlined messaging, you can group your churchgoers for specific messaging and get data and reports sent to you. This allows you to better craft your communication for future endeavors or reflect back on previous campaigns. 

All-In-One Solutions

Sometimes, you don’t need a specific solution and just need a service that can help you organize everything. Many options are available online, like Subsplash and Planning Center, that can help your ministry easily control every part of your organization. In addition to making training, communication, and finances simple for anyone to manage, these services also integrate many other media and marketing applications that can help deliver content from your church online.

Like managing anything, churches come with many moving parts, and things can get complicated fast, especially if you already have a large organization. Church management software can be a great solution to this as it provides streamlined ways to complete administrative tasks while accessing your organization from anywhere.

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