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October 13, 2022

How Savvy States Are Deploying Mandated Reporter Training

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Mandated Reporter Training

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Every U.S. state has mandated reporter requirements in place. The Federal Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA) requires each state to have procedures in place for certain individuals to report suspected child abuse and neglect. However, these requirements play out differently from state to state.

Who is considered a mandated reporter, how to best report, and how to get the appropriate training may be different depending on which state they’re in. Because of this, many states need a custom solution for implementing their mandated reporter training programs. These three states use to deploy and manage digital training programs that are accessible, easy, and cost-effective.


The California Department of Social Services (CDSS) and the Office of Child Abuse Prevention (OCAP) utilize to deploy training to over a million mandated reporters.

California legislation designates mandated reporters by profession, including teachers, medical professionals, clergy, HR supervisors of companies that hire teen workers, and many others. The platform’s role-based training functionality allows reporters in California to take a variety of profession-specific training courses on one centralized Cloud-based training platform.

“The site is visually stimulating, interactive, very user-friendly, and effective for getting our California Mandated Reporters trained,” stated Angela Ponivas, Chief of the Office of Child Abuse Prevention.


Massachusetts is also utilizing to deploy training to its mandated reporters. allows states to license existing courseware or tailor their training courseware based on the state’s local requirements and regulations. Massachusetts has chosen the latter — electing to deploy a custom course curriculum on the Cloud-based training platform.

Massachusetts' training program includes a state-sponsored microsite that offers further resources relevant to course participants' location and field. The courseware links to these resources, offering a more informative and intuitive user experience.


Nevada is utilizing to deploy courseware for their training program in accordance with state and federal abuse reporting laws. Nevada required a standardized, centralized training solution. The State is deploying a single General Training course to all of its mandated reporters.

When learners complete their training program, they can request a certificate of completion to demonstrate their training compliance to employers. The platform generates a unique, non-duplicatable certificate of completion when a learner completes a course, complete with built-in validation in the form of QR codes that link to the online version of the certificate. This helps eliminate issues such as forged certificates and helps employers and organizations track and validate course completions.

The Only Platform Designed to Deploy Mandated Reporter Training

All three states have improved their training programs using the platform. The platform is able to meet the need for unique course content that aligns with state-specific reporting requirements. Robust platform features make it easier than ever for these states to deploy and manage state-specific training programs across wide and varied user groups. By using an existing platform that has been developed specifically for this purpose, each state was also able to implement a cost-effective training solution, deploy non-duplicatable learner certificates, and enjoy built-in end-user support for the millions of users who come to to get the training they need to fulfill their legal requirements.

To find out how you can use the Cloud-based Mandated Reporter Training platform to deploy a training program to your state, get in touch at

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