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August 23, 2021

How to Meet California's Mandated Reporter Training Requirements

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Mandated Reporter Training

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Are you required to provide your employees with mandated reporter training? In the State of California, you might be.

California’s Child Abuse Neglect and Reporting Act designates certain individuals as mandated reporters and institutes training requirements to ensure these individuals are able to perform their duties and keep children safe. Find out if your organization needs to implement mandated reporter training.

Which Organizations Need Mandated Reporter Training Solutions

Companies That Employ Minors

As of January 2021, certain human resources employees and supervisors in the State of California are required to report suspected child abuse. This change impacts human resources employees at companies who employ minors, as well as supervisors whose duties require direct contact with and supervision of minors in the workplace.

If this applies to your business, then the State of California requires you to provide applicable employees with training in their duties as reporters.


Schools are required to provide mandated reporter training to their employees on a regular basis. This includes:

  • School districts
  • County offices of education
  • State special schools and diagnostic centers operated by the State Department of Education
  • Charter schools

The above institutions must provide annual mandated reporter training to employees and people working on their behalf.

Child Daycare Facilities

California AB 506 is aimed at preventing child abuse and sexual abuse of minors participating in youth service organizations. Under AB 506, any “business that provides services to minors” — including non-profit and for-profit organizations — must provide mandated reporter training for administrators, employees, and volunteers.

If your organization provides extracurricular services or instructions to minors under 18 years of age, and/ or has adult employees with supervisory or disciplinary power of a minor, then you are responsible for providing training.

Organizations with Volunteers

While most California volunteers are not mandated reporters, public and private organizations are strongly encouraged to provide training to their volunteers whose duties require contact with and supervision of minors. While not a legal requirement, providing this training can help keep children safe.

There is an exception to this – Court Appointed Special Advocates are volunteers who are considered mandated reporters.

How to Implement Mandated Reporter Training

Use The State of California’s Training

The State of California provides free mandated reporter training funded by the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) and the Office of Child abuse Prevention (OCAP). This training meets the state’s requirements to train reporters on how to (a) identify and (b) report suspected child abuse and neglect.

Provide Training That Integrates With Your Own LMS

Implementing mandated reporter training through your own LMS gives you greater control, and customization over your training, allowing you to easily issue certificates and track your organization’s progress as your team members take mandated reporter training. This content can be tailored to your team using audience-based learning.

Implementing mandated reporter training for your organization is crucial to stay in compliance with the State of California’s requirements and ensure the safety of the children your organization works with. Find a training solution that fits your needs.

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