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November 27, 2023

How to Use to Power Your Training

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Mandated Reporter Training

An employee using the simple organization dashboard at is a simple, effective solution for your training program. This turn-key platform is ready for you to add your team members and start your mandated reporter training program. Discover the features and benefits that make this platform a natural fit for organizations.

Start Your Mandated Reporter Training Program in Minutes

You can start training your team today with This affordable, efficient training platform is a turn-key solution that allows you to bring your training program online in minutes.

Begin training your team in just 3 easy steps:

  1. Add trainings. Training is available for all of the reporters at your organization, from supervisors and managers to volunteers.
  2. Create groups for your employees, such as supervisors and volunteers. Make it easy to ensure the right team members get the right training by grouping them by team or job title.
  3. Invite your team members to join. Invite your team members via email or subscribe to bulk-upload your employee list.

Begin training your employees in just minutes. Button: Start Training

A Platform Designed to Make Managing Your Training Simple

A Trusted Solution is a trusted solution for individual learners, organizations, and government. The platform sees nearly 5,000 users per day, serves thousands of organizations nationwide, and has issued millions of training certificates to mandated reporters.

The platform’s state partners include the California Department of Social Services, the Massachusetts Office of the Child Advocate, and the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services.

Easy to Use is a turnkey solution that makes setup easy and painless. Simply select the trainings you want to offer, create groups for your team, invite users to join, then track their training progress.

You can add your team members to the platform in seconds and even onboard your entire employee roster in bulk.

Once your team has joined, they can start training immediately with the courses you assigned. The streamlined learning paths are as short as 1 hour, so your team could be trained today.

Plus, the mobile-friendly platform allows you to train from anywhere. Over a third of Mandated Reporter Training users use the platform from a mobile device. The course’s pause and resume features allow them to continue their training without interrupting their workdays.

Efficient Training Implementation

Mandated Reporter Training’s platform is designed to give you the most efficient training program possible. Easily add learners to groups so they can take courses that are appropriate for their job title. Role-specific trainings allows you to ensure that everyone at your organization gets the most relevant information for them.

Once your team members have been trained, your organization account allows you to track their progress. It’s simple to see if anyone’s certificates have expired at a glance and remind team members to retake their training.

This streamlined, role-specific approach makes training more effective and efficient -’s courses have a close to 100% completion rate, meaning your team members can complete their courseware easily the first time and get back to work.

Certificate Verification to Prove Authenticity

When your organization’s team members complete their mandated reporter training they will receive a certificate. This certificate features a prominent QR code, allowing you to verify a certificate’s authenticity. This helps you confidently verify that your learners have completed their training appropriately and spot any forged or expired certificates.

Create Your Organization Account

Easily launch a training program within your organization by registering for an organization account.

If you like how it works, you can create a subscription and enjoy expanded features like tracking your team’s training progress, when they started and completed their training, and how much time they spent on their training.

The Mandated Reporter Training platform is designed to get the reporters on your team trained efficiently and is the trusted solution of states like California, Nevada, and Massachusetts. Taking advantage of the Mandated Reporter Training platform’s learning management features and functionality is typically the most effective and economical choice for most organizations.’s easy-to-use, effective training platform offers a complete turn-key solution for your organization’s mandatory reporters. Create an account today to try the platform trusted by individuals, organizations, and governments nationwide.

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