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June 21, 2024

Introducing New Instant Certificate Sharing Feature

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If you’re required to report abuse or neglect, your organization may ask you to take Mandated Reporter Training and provide them with a certificate of completion.

Mandated Reporter Training makes this process simple. Users can now easily share their certificates with their employers directly from the platform. You no longer need to download a PDF and attach it to an email or drop it off on your boss’s desk. Sharing your certificate grants instant access to your employer directly from the Mandated Reporter Training Platform.

This will let you communicate more clearly with your employer and share your qualifications with any organization that your Mandated Reporter Training account is associated with, from your boss to your kid’s baseball team.

Learn more about how sharing your certificate can help streamline the mandated reporter training process.

Share Your Certificate With Any Organization You Work With

There are many reasons why you may want to share your Mandated Reporter Training certificate with multiple people: perhaps you’re volunteering for your child’s t-ball team and also volunteering with the school play. Perhaps you’re starting a new job. Whatever the reason, your certificate from Mandated Reporter Training is more portable than ever.

By sharing your certificate, it’s easy to transition from one job to another or from your son’s Boy Scouts troop to your weekend volunteering at the Boys & Girls Club.

There are many organizations in your life that may require you to take mandated reporter training. Sharing your certificate can save you the hassle of taking multiple trainings on the same subject for multiple companies or providing each organization you work with with a hard copy.

Where to Find Your Certificate

Users who have signed up with the Mandated Reporter Training platform can easily access their certificates from their dashboard. Simply register or log in, and once you have completed your training and passed the exam, you will be invited to access any certificates you have earned.

You can access these certificates by selecting “Certificates” on the left side of your screen beneath the word “Training.”

A screen capture of The Mandated Reporter Training Platform shows the “Certificates” tab.

Alternatively, you can view your certificates from the “Training” tab by:

Select the dropdown arrow next to the course’s name.

Select the “Download” button next to the word “Certificate.”

A screen capture of The Mandated Reporter Training Platform shows the completed CA School Personnel course. The “Download” button is highlighted.

How to Associate With An Organization

To associate your account as an individual learner with your organization, an administrator with your organization would need to invite you via email or provide you with the link to a page specific to your organization that will allow you to sign up.

The only way to associate yourself with an organization is to ask your organization to invite you.

Once you have been associated with an organization, you will be able to see them listed on your profile under “Associated Organizations.”

How to Share Your Certificate With An Organization

Sharing your certificate with an organization takes only seconds. From the “Certificates” tab in the Mandated Reporter Training platform, simply select the share icon on the right side of the screen.

A screen capture of The Mandated Reporter Training Platform shows the “Certificates” tab.

This button will open up a window from which you can select which organization you would like to share your certificate with and grant them access instantly.

A screen capture of The Mandated Reporter Training Platform shows the “Certificates” tab.

You will be able to select your organization from a dropdown menu, whether that’s your employer or the parks & recreation organization that runs your child’s sports team. Simply select the organization name and click “Share Certificate.”

A screen capture of The Mandated Reporter Training Platform shows the “Share Your Certificate” window with three organizations listed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’ve already completed my training and earned a certificate?

If you have already completed training and now need to share it with a new organization, such as with a new employer or a new volunteer group, the process of sharing your certificate is the same. Once your account is associated with the new organization, all you need to do is select the share icon from the certificates tab and select the new organization name from the dropdown.

Can I share my certificate with multiple organizations at once?

Yes, you can share your certificate with any organization you need to, making it easy to manage training requirements between new employers and multiple volunteer opportunities.

What if I’m having trouble sharing my certificate?

If you’re stumped while sharing your certificate, help is always a click away. When logged into the Mandated Reporter Training platform, select the “Help” button on the bottom right of your screen. This will put you in connection with the Mandated Reporter Training team.

What if my organization doesn’t use the Mandated Reporter Training Platform?

If your team doesn’t use the Mandated Reporter Training platform, there are two ways you can share your certificate with your supervisor:

  • Invite your supervisor to join Mandated Reporter Training as an organization. This will allow them to view your certificate, invite new team members to join the platform, and view reports on the team’s training progress.
  • Download a PDF copy of your certificate from the “Training” or “Certificates” tab to share with your supervisor.

Sharing your certificate from the Mandated Reporter Training Platform will allow you to communicate your training progress and success with your employer or the organization you volunteer for in seconds.

Ready to start your training? Sign up for an account with Mandated Reporter Training today and earn your certificate today. Get started now.

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