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June 28, 2024

New Volunteer Training Courses Available at Mandated Reporter Training

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Mandated Reporter Training has expanded its volunteer training courses with new situation-specific courses for volunteers who need mandated reporter training. You can now access online training for sports and recreation, scouting, or religious volunteers in the Mandated Reporter Training catalog.

New Mandated Reporter Volunteer Training Courses for California AB506

CA AB506 created new mandated reporter training requirements for volunteers working with youth in California.

Volunteers that come into contact with youth now have additional child abuse prevention requirements, which include undergoing a background check and taking mandated reporter training.

Easy 2-Hour Online Training. Mandated Reporter Training for Volunteers. Start Training

Youth service volunteers regularly interact with children, whether helping out at a school, coaching a recreational sports team, signing up for a scouting event, or lending a hand at a religious organization activity.

California is aiming to reduce the likelihood of abuse when kids are under the supervision of volunteers.

These new requirements add a new level of safety for children involved in events and activities where volunteering adults are present.

Mandated Reporter Training courses were developed in partnership with the CA Department of Social Services and meet the volunteer training requirements stated by AB506.

In addition to mandated reporting of child abuse training for general volunteers, you can now find mandated reporting of child abuse training for scouting, religious, and sports and recreation volunteers.

New Volunteer Training Courses for Volunteers Nationwide

While California may have legislated mandated reporter training for volunteers in the Golden State, many organizations with national chapters may also require that volunteers undergo training before coming into contact with children.

Mandated Reporter Training offers a national mandated reporter of child abuse training for volunteers.

FAQs About Volunteer Training

Volunteer training has become an important topic for adults participating in youth activities at school, religious, scouting, sports, and other organizations. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about volunteer training:

Why Do Volunteers Need to Be Trained?

Volunteer training provides volunteers with skills, knowledge, and information to ensure the safety of children in their care.

Who Provides Volunteer Training?

Some organizations may provide training for volunteers, while others may require volunteers to take a specific training course and provide proof of completion. Check with your organization to find out if they will pay for and provide your training program or if you are responsible for training.

How Long Does Volunteer Training Take?

Volunteer training time commitments can vary. The online training courses for volunteers from Mandated Reporter Training take approximately 2 hours to complete. These training courses meet the requirements of AB506, which states that volunteers of youth service organizations must take mandated reporter training to learn how to identify and report suspected instances of child abuse and maltreatment.

What Types of Training Do Volunteers Receive?

Volunteers in California must take child abuse prevention training if they are volunteering at a youth-serving organization. Volunteers may also receive training from their organizations to help them best understand how to perform their roles safely and effectively. This could include training for coaching, scouting, or working with kids at a summer camp. Your organization should provide a specific list of the training requirements you need to complete.

What Qualifications Do You Need to Volunteer?

Volunteer requirements will vary depending on the organization and your location. In California, volunteers for youth-serving organizations must pass a background check and complete mandated reporter training. Organizations may have additional requirements for volunteers, such as age eligibility requirements, providing a DMV record, valid driver’s license, and proof of auto insurance, or presenting a government-issued photo ID. Check with your organization for a full list of volunteer requirements.

Is Volunteer Training Mandatory?

Many volunteer organizations require mandatory training for people who want to participate and lend a helping hand. Some states, such as California, have mandatory training and background check requirements for volunteers working with youth. Check with your organization to find out what mandatory training requirements are in place for potential volunteers.

Where Can You Find Volunteer Training Online?

Mandated Reporter Training offers convenient online volunteer training courses that meet the requirements of CA AB506. These training courses provide Child Abuse Prevention and mandated reporting information that can help protect the safety of children. You can find online volunteer training courses at Mandated Reporter Training.

Easy 2-Hour Online Training. Mandated Reporter Training for Volunteers. Start Training

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