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Should I Add Mandated Reporter Training to My Resume?

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Mandated Reporter Training

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Based on your profession and state, you may be required to complete mandated reporter training. Every year the list of professions evolves and changes, so it’s essential to stay up to date with the laws in your state.

Do I Need to Add Mandated Reporter Training to My Resume?

Recruiters and employers look at many resumes during their hiring process, and when this number gets into the hundreds or thousands, they start to look for crucial information. Depending on your profession, mandated reporter training could be one. Even if employers assume that applicants might have some experience with mandated reporter training or know about it, solidifying that you already have training could be a huge plus.

Positions like lifeguards, assistant teachers, camp counselors, and others are examples of how including training on your resume could be crucial. These positions typically see high quantities of applicants, so including mandated reporter training can put you ahead.

Typically, any and all information about your professional growth, experience, training, etc., should be included in your resume as long as it is relevant to your profession. However, if you are going into a more managerial or advanced position in your field, keeping your resume focused on your work experience may be more relevant. Instead, you could mention mandated reporter training in your cover letter or explain those qualifications in your interview. LinkedIn is also an excellent place to highlight your certifications and licenses; they even have a section dedicated to it.

How to Add Mandated Reporter Training to Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is an excellent resource for professional networking and development, but it also contains easy ways to promote and keep account of the training and certifications you have. Adding your Mandated Reporter Training certificate is simple; just follow these steps:

  1. Go to your account profile
  2. Scroll down to the Licenses and Certification Sections.
  3. Click the plus to add all the necessary information. (You should have a credential ID and a link on your certificate that employers can view).
  4. Review your profile to ensure your information is correct and you’re all done!

If you need any more help, here is their step-by-step guide on how to add training to your profile: Manage Licenses and Certifications

Mandated reporter training holds significant importance for professionals in various fields. Staying updated with the evolving laws in your state is crucial due to the ever-changing list of professions that require this training. Including mandated reporter training on your resume can be advantageous, especially when applying for positions like lifeguards, assistant teachers, and camp counselors, where it sets you apart from other applicants.

While it’s essential to include relevant professional growth, experience, and training on your resume, more advanced or managerial positions may warrant explaining these qualifications in your cover letter or during an interview. Tools like LinkedIn are also an excellent way to showcase your certifications and licenses, including your Mandated Reporter Training certificate. Adding it to your LinkedIn profile is straightforward, allowing employers to view your credential ID and certificate. By leveraging LinkedIn’s “Licenses and Certifications” section, you can effectively highlight your training and enhance your professional profile.

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